Refund for delays and disruptions

If you run a risk of being delayed by 20 minutes or more, you are entitled to a refund for a taxi journey of a value of up to 800 Swedish kronor. We call that our travel guarantee ('resegaranti').

You can also receive a refund for tickets with another transport service provider, if there is another service for the route you are taking.

The "travel guarantee" means that you will receive compensation for the taxi journey or ticket costs with another transport service company’s trains, buses or boats, if you risk being delayed by 20 minutes as a result of disruptions to the service or as a result of poor information provided by SL.

SL can not be held responsible for providing information about disruptions in any other language than Swedish. You can however often get help in English from our service staff.

The "travel guarantee" is designed for you to be able to decide whether you wish to take a taxi or not.

When you request the refund, our evaluation is based upon the disruptions to the service, possible defects in our information and your report on why you risked being delayed by 20 minutes.

Try to plan your journey well in advance and be out in good time, particularly if the journey includes interchanges or if you have an appointment to keep. Find all current traffic service information in Swedish via the link to the right.

We do not refund for delays or disruptions:

This is what you do

In order for us to be able to refund your taxi expenses, you must have a printed taxi receipt or ticket from the other service you used. Fill out the web form on the Swedish section (link below) and send us the original receipt/original tickets together with the reference number from your application. Receipts/tickets older than three months will not be considered.

You can also use our printed forms, available at the SL Center and in the Metro stations.

Refund will be transferred to your bank account/personal account or paid out via a bank giro advice.

The processing of your case can take several weeks.

Call Customer Services +46 (0)8 600 10 00 if you have any questions about refunds or conditions of use.